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30 Sep 2011

Friday Faves 5

Category: Design

captionPointer.jpgtoday's home page image

Which is your favorite 3form home page image of the past week?

Today's image is above; the past ones are here: Monday 9/26, Tuesday 9/27, Wednesday 9/28, and Thursday 9/29.

Let us know in the comments section which one you liked best!

P.S. Translucent is pleased to announce that this is our 100th blog post!

captionPointer.jpgour nifty ISO logo

We just finished up with our most-recent ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System (EMS) audit. Since our initial certification in 2009, we have the pleasure of being audited every six months; during which our environmental processes, procedures, initiatives, and progress are combed over by a certified third party.

Why is this important? Because being an ISO 14001-certified company demonstrates that we’re successfully minimizing how our operations negatively impact the environment – way beyond what’s seen and expected at the compliance level. And the auditor is tasked with finding objective evidence of our continual improvement.

As with every EMS audit we’ve had, this visit afforded us additional insight into our inner-workings and identified ways in which we can continue to improve. And as our programs gain strength and our EMS becomes ubiquitous within everyday operations, I’m hopeful one day we’ll escape the pre-audit frenzy (uh, I mean the very controlled and minuscule amount of prep anyone feels they need when they're faced with an audit) and maybe even welcome the fact that it’s going to start all over again… in just 179 days.

23 Sep 2011

Friday Faves 4

Category: Design

captionPointer.jpgtoday's home page image

Which is your favorite 3form home page image of the past week?

Today's image is above; the past ones are here: Monday 9/19, Tuesday 9/20, Wednesday 9/21, and Thursday 9/22.

Let us know in the comments section which one you liked best!

23 Sep 2011

Lining Up on the Web

Category: Design

captionPointer.jpgall lined up and ready to go

Our new 100 Percent product, LineUp, has been generating a lot of great discussion around the web since we unveiled it at the trade shows this past spring...









Designer Pages

Core 77

Jetson Green

Just to name a few... thanks to all who've helped spread the word!

20 Sep 2011

Rock n Roll

Category: Design

captionPointer.jpgK+JC House by Space Architecture | via Contemporist

Stone: it's the timeless wonder!

I'm fascinated by one of nature's most beautiful materials - amazed by the bold veining in a rainbow of colors visible on a nicely polished slab.

Designers have used real stone in innovative ways in many modern products. This approach seems to elevate the status of a design and keep the product somehow familiar - it sort of grounds things.

Here are some examples of modern products that use stone in a fresh new way:

captionPointer.jpgfoundation lights | via fort standard

Italian-based Marsotto company is leading the way for high end everyday objects in Carrara marble:

captionPointer.jpgMarsotto edizioni | via Marsotto

Other designers are using the inspiration of stone aesthetics to create unique pieces:

captionPointer.jpgfelted wool stones | via vivaterra
captionPointer.jpgfelted stone rug | via vivaterra
captionPointer.jpgOKHA furniture | via contemporist

FYI, 3form has some Stone of its own...

captionPointer.jpgcheck it out

3form is proud to sponsor Design Matters, a new film series that celebrates the creative spirit of architecture and design. The first film selections explore how important architecture and design are to our everyday existence, and how we engage with the designed world around us. Screenings are at The City Library in Salt Lake City.

The films are presented in partnership with the Utah Heritage Foundation, University of Utah College of Architecture + Planning, Utah Chapter of the American Planning Association, Utah Center for Architecture, and AIA Utah.

The first showing is on Tuesday, September 20, at 7:00 pm. The film is called My Playground, directed by Kaspar Astrup Schröder. It runs 54 minutes.

My Playground explores the way Parkour and Freerunning is changing the perception of urban space and how the spaces and buildings they are moving on are changing them. Mainly set in Copenhagen, the film follows Team JiYo as they explore the city and encounter the obstacles it presents. The film travels around the world from Denmark to Japan, the United States, United Kingdom, and China to explore where urban mobility is heading.

Check it out, and let us know what you think!

16 Sep 2011

Friday Faves 3

Category: Design

captionPointer.jpgtoday's home page image

Which is your favorite 3form home page image of the past week?

Today's image is above; the past ones are here: Monday 9/12, Tuesday 9/13, Wednesday 9/14, and Thursday 9/15.

Let us know in the comments section which one you liked best!

captionPointer.jpgSolar Man | DLR Group

The 3form Advanced Technology Group (ATG) has just completed work on a breathtaking custom sculpture for FedEx Field (home of the Washington Redskins), located just outside of the Washington, D.C. beltway. The project was unveiled at a press conference this morning.

It all started with talks earlier this spring, and actual work commenced only two months ago. On an incredibly fast-paced schedule, ATG developed photovoltaic (solar power generating) Koda XT panels for this very difficult forming job using all-individual, custom molds. ATG also provided all digital prototyping, and did all the engineering and modeling of the structure. Lighting will be added to the sculpture soon.

The 30-foot tall Koda XT football player is amazing, as you can see for yourself. Learn more about the whole project here at the Redskins' blog.

More news on this super-cool project here and here. Also covered by National Geographic, here.

(Thanks for coming, Otto blog visitors!)

captionPointer.jpgOne of the many custom Koda XT panels
captionPointer.jpgPhotovoltaics in a Koda XT panel
captionPointer.jpgSolar Man kicks back at the 3form Fabrication facility prior to shipment to D.C.

15 Sep 2011

Universally Gorgeous

Category: Design

captionPointer.jpgEd Roberts Campus | Berkeley, CA | Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects

The Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley, California, uses universal, sustainable design for an iconic focal point. (It's also featured on our ever-changing home page today.)

The Ed Roberts Campus is the first structure of its kind in the nation—a non-profit community center for the independent living & disabled rights movement. The building integrates advanced strategies of universal design and sustainable design. It is the foremost disability rights service, advocacy, education, training, and policy center in the world.

Designers were challenged with creating an eye-catching, functional ramp structure within budget, while avoiding an “institutional” appearance.

The solution? The sweeping spiral ramp at its center, clad with bold red Varia Ecoresin panels, forms an iconic focus of the entire building - and it's has actually become the symbol for the organization (the stylized Ed Roberts logo is based on the feature).

The 3form product enabled designers at Leddy Maytum Stacy to meet multiple project goals: durability and impact resistance, low maintenance, memorable translucent aesthetics that creates a visible glow from the street, and a strong sustainable design story.

Bill Leddy, of Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects, says, “Clients are very interested in making their buildings as resource-responsible as possible – 3form helps us accomplish that goal."

Check out this awesome video about the project.

14 Sep 2011

GreenWeek Logos

Category: Design


As you may know, we just held our 7th Annual Greenweek – the week each year when we focus our attention and reflect as an entire company on the environment and our collective environmental performance.

Every year we develop a new Greenweek logo and campaign promoting the year's goals and activities. For the designers, it's a really fun opportunity to collaborate on a project that has looser design constraints. Our main goal is to try and out-do the design from the previous year!

For a little design trip down memory lane, check out our Wall of Greenweek Logo Fame, below, and tell us which one(s) you like best...