Furthering our ambitious goals of becoming a zero-waste manufacturer, we’re debuting a new program, called Reform, that will give second-quality materials a new purpose. With Reform, artists, up-cycling geniuses, craft crusaders, and other creatives can have access to newly available materials at affordable prices on our website.


“Reform materials might be untrimmed, oddly sized, have blemishes, or have other defects—kind of like diamonds in the rough,” said Michael Johnson, Director of Sustainability, 3form. “Through this program, we hope to significantly increase our recycling rate while filling a creative demand.”

The Reform program offers the following benefits:

• Reduced 3form manufacturing footprint through elimination of some carbon emissions previously associated primarily with waste-to-energy materials disposal.
• Saves money in terms of waste transportation / disposal costs while providing a way for the Reform system to sustain itself financially.
• Creates more opportunity to educate staff, in highly pragmatic ways, about recycling, waste reduction, sustainability opportunities and reduction of carbon footprints.
• Provides affordable and beautiful 3form materials, to those with limited budgets.


This program will complement our current Reclaim program, which sells first-quality material though our website. These products include leftover materials from cancelled orders or pieces returned from an installation. These pieces are then inspected and prepared for another application.


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